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Shadowbane - 09/11/2014 - 18:22

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Shadowbane - 09/11/2014 - 15:45

The Website and TS are under heavy Mait, everything wil1 be back to normal soon!

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ArcheAge Server Status

The remote ship control system has been implemented. Players are now able to build drone ships and control them without being inside the ship’s cockpit - keep in mind that remote control is still dependent on the friendly antennas’ signal. Moreover, the timer block has been added, which allows players to trigger a queued action after a set period of time. Additionally, gravity and sensor field view are also available and sensors can detect stations/platforms.
- Remote ship control – control ships without being inside the ship’s cockpit (drones)
- Timer block - triggers a queued action after a set period of time
- Gravity/Sensor field view
- Sensor block now detects stations
- Ore detector info can be relayed through antennas
- New interior wall texture
- fixed cost of small ship piston head (it cost the same as a large ship piston head)
- fixed issue when placing a landing gear or station block was placed as fully built
- fixed dedicated servers downloading blank/empty .sbms
- fixed unmerging/merging breaks control groups
- fixed several MODs which were crashing dedicated server
- fixed connectors being destroyed because they were too close while connected
- fixed piston disappearing after grinding down the top part
- fixed sensor detecting players while being set to detect floating objects
Known issues

- Sensor block is detecting small ships, but the action is not triggered 




Update 01.046 - Sensor block, Flashing lights

Space Engineers Forums: Link


The sensor block has been added; you can configure what happens when something enters or leaves from the sensor’s field - the configuration is similar to the button panel. It's also possible to set a filter, so it will trigger events only for small ships, large ships, floating objects or characters. In the future we will add an option to allow filtering based on friend/foe status. Also, flashing options have been added for lights; you can create navigation lights and runways - multiple lights can be synced. Warhead has now timer and also can be detonated remotely through the terminal.

- sensor block
- flashing lights
- warhead terminal controls

- added multiplayer lag/slowdown compensation (helps with rubber banding)
- added possibility for name change during dedicated server setup
- fixed issue when character moved objects locally by pushing (server ignored it)
- fixed connector still yellow when turned OFF
- fixed turret rectangle visibility
- fixed unlocked connectors allowing item transfer
- fixed rocket launcher not remembering option to use conveyor system
- fixed crash when locking connectors
- fixed completed solar panels do not have sun reflection
- fixed gravity generator model bug
- fixed landing gear attached to pistons could not be unlocked

*Known Issues*
- changing the field of the sensor or loading the game will activate the sensor. This will be changed in the future updates.
- you can't assign the same sensor action for both entering and exiting the sensor's field

EDIT 09/05/2014:
Update 01.046.014
- fixed spotlight cone visible during flashing
- fixed flashing control tooltip text
- fixed faction screen crash
- added different icons for action toggle/on/off
- fixed character crash
- fixed sensor toolbar sync
- fixed sensor station detection
- fixed terminal crash





Update 01.045 - Camera block, Workshop tags for mods

Camera block has been added - now you can see what is happening on different locations. Camera rotation and controlling ships through cameras will be added in the coming weeks. Additional workshop tags for mods have been introduced to make the orientation on workshop easier. It is also possible to make better production building mods. Now you can specify what blueprints are available to production building. It's possible to make production chains and production building tiers. As an example there's a new block 'Arc Furnace’, it is specialized building for iron ore refinement. It refines faster than refinery, it's more efficient and cheaper, but cannot refine anything other than iron ore. In addition to these new changes, we have redesigned the easy start 2 map, and rebalanced the cargo ships, adding new space engineers tech to them both. We have also made it possible to create a hostile identity in your world whilst in creative, this will allow people to make maps for others to play through, with the challenge of hostile ships and stations. Finally, render interpolation has been added as well that will make the game experience smoother. It is currently disabled by default since it is not completed 100%, but it can be turned on in video options.

- Camera block
- Workshop tags for mods
- better production building Modding
- ‘Arc Furnace’ (refinery)
- Easy start 2 redesign
- Cargo ship redesigns
- Add enemy identity

- improved rendering performance of solar panels
- improved rendering performance of refinery and assembler
- fixed hacked block getting shot by own turrets
- fixed connector’s issue not being able to collect all items
- fixed ship info screen labels
- fixed issue that player cannot remove blocks from cockpit hot-bars 2, 3 and 4

EDIT 08/29/2014
Update 01.045.013
- fixed crash in toolbar
- fixed crash in terminal screen
- fixed glass single side rendering issue
- fixed thruster glare rendering issue
- fixed assembler block not added when blueprints in queue were missing
- fixed 'Arc furnace' building progress models
- fixed blank assembler
- changed name of 'Blast furnace' to 'Arc furnace'





Update 01.044 - Spherical gravity generator, Prefab and respawn ship modding


Spherical gravity generator has been added in Space Engineers, as well as new respawn ships and support for modding them. Many multiplayer synchronization issues have been fixed, including rotor, piston and landing gear problems. Also performance has been increased significantly in certain situations.

- spherical gravity generator
- pre-fab and respawn ship modding
- new world setting for dedicated server - autosave interval
- more respawn ships
- high quality armor textures (on 64-bit version)
- export ship/station as prefab (in F11 screen)

- improved piston and landing gear stability
- fixed piston, rotor and landing gear exploding in MP
- fixed large performance issue caused by asteroids
- fixed too large piston collision model
- fixed issue when loose blocks loosing ownership
- fixed death in survival disables chat window
- fixed toolbar not remembering functions from attachments
- fixed hot-keyed groups reset when using merge blocks
- fixed wrong value in Steam-ID on dedicated server
- fixed problems with character mods deforming hands or legs of astronaut
- fixed graphical glitch when doors were inside other blocks 
- fixed inertia not preserved when block was unmerged

EDIT 08/22/2014:

Update 01.044.012
- fixed crash when splitting ships
- fixed crash when status of faction member changed
- fixed crash when entering/leaving cockpit
- fixed crash on 32-bit caused by loading hi-quality textures (out of memory)
- fixed crash when pressed F11 in main menu
- fixed crash when switching character in medical room
- fixed crash when changing rotor parameters
- fixed crash caused by pistons
- fixed crash caused by loading invalid definitions from original content or mods
- fixed Gravity generator values stuck at maximum regardless of settings




Update 01.043 - Remote terminal access, button panel, HUD voices, extended modding support

Now it's possible to remotely access the control panel screen and inventory when the ship/station is in your antenna range. Antenna relay is taken into account. Press open control panel screen to see it (combo box at the top), or press SHIFT+K. New ‘Button Panel’ allows you to assign actions to the panel (like with astronaut toolbar) and then execute these actions by simply pressing the corresponding button on the model in game. 
We also added more glass parameters and modding support for custom projectiles, debris models, asteroid materials and armor edges. Last but not least HUD voices are here to warn you of meteor showers, low energy/health, etc. 

- Remote terminal access 
- Button panel for ships/stations
- HUD voice alerts (low energy/health warnings)
- Extended modding support: custom projectiles, debris models, asteroid materials, armor edges
- Improved glass rendering and modding (more parameters, smoothness, custom texture, color...)

Guide for transparent materialshttp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=300427203

- fixed autosave on dedicated servers (few days ago in 042 hotfix)
- fixed custom transparent material crashing the game
- fixed impossibility to remove and delete mods in some cases 
- fixed blast door corner inverted collisions
- fixed pistons disconnecting when ship/station is split in two 
- fixed turrets ignoring decoy blocks 
- fixed cockpit hot-bar names not displaying correctly 
- fixed small ship blast doors preventing placing of other blocks nearby
- fixed texture of curved conveyor tube 
- fixed sharing with factions
- fixed surface difficult to walk on 
- fixed dedicated server not creating a world if one is specified in the config 
- fixed missile launcher self-explosions 
- fixed floating objects slowdown 
- fixed wrong saved game timestamp 
- fixed a crash while creating a control panel 
- fixed uranium ingot not traveling through conveyor system 
- fixed crash after placing custom block 
- fixed crash after deleting gravity generator
- fixed small thrusters damage area
- fixed spelling mistake when server connection was not available 

Update 01.043.013
- fixed crash on Windows XP 
- fixed crash in inventory 
- fixed crash caused by missing texture or model 
- fixed crash in join screen 
- fixed refinery and assembler issues 
- fixed cockpit ownership not updated 
- fixed missing HUD voices 
- fixed possible autosave issue on dedicated server 
- fixed MP sync of production blocks and inventory 
- fixed MP sync of floating point objects

Update 01.043.015
- fixed possible autosave issue on dedicated server

Update 01.043.016
- fixed crash when picking up floating objects