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ArcheAge Server Status

New Glyph Security Feature: Two-Factor Authentication via Email


New Glyph Security Feature: Two-Factor Authentication via Email

Starting tomorrow, we are adding a new security feature to Glyph to help keep your account safe.

When you log in from a new computer or a place that we haven’t seen you log in from before, you’ll be asked to verify that it really is you that’s logging in, by entering a code emailed to your account’s primary email address.

The Details

The updated login screen now only asks for your account name and password. Once you have successfully entered the correct account name and password, you will have to verify your identity.

For those of you who use the Glyph or RIFT Authenticator, you’ll notice that the code entry has moved to a step after login. You can enter the code from your authenticator there and, optionally, whitelist your computer so you don’t have to enter codes when you log in using it in the future. 

If you don’t have a Glyph or RIFT Authenticator attached to your account, you’ll receive an authentication code via email. You’ll need to enter that code to proceed. You can choose to whitelist the computer that you are on so you don’t have to get a code every time.

If you’ve whitelisted the computer that you’re on, you won’t have to enter a code again to log in to Glyph as long as the computer doesn’t change. If you log in from a new location, get a new computer, or your ISP changes your computer’s IP address, then you’ll be asked for a code again.

If you’re a RIFT player, the computers that you have authorized in the past with RIFT’s Coin Lock security will automatically be whitelisted.

If you’d like to use a mobile authenticator on your account, please check out the Glyph Authenticator for iOS or the RIFT Authenticator for Android and Windows Phone.

If you have any issues with access to your account, please contact our Support Team for assistance.


ArcheAge features over 100 classes built from 10 skillsets favored by the gods and heroes of the Great Expedition. Skillsets host a range of abilities, from Sorcery’s devastating spells to Songcraft’s soothing ballads. Each one levels up independently (as you gain experience with a skillset, you will unlock its array of powers) and over time you can master them all.

After reaching level 10, you can combine any three skillsets to make a unique class. You can swap skillsets in and out to change classes as often as you like, with no predefined path to follow. Experiment and discover classes to fit any situation, and all with the same character!


  • Battlerage
  • Sorcery
  • Archery
  • Vitalism
  • Occultism
  • Shadowplay



  • SongcraftSongcraft
  • witchcraftWitchcraft
  • AuramancyAuramancy
  • DefenseDefense


Larceny is non-production skill. It is leveled by stealing crops from player farms that haven't been taxed, or from "at risk" farms (farms placed in the "wilderness") and also from livestock owned by other players. All three of these options for raising your larceny will also give you doing so you infamy (crime) points.

Alternatively, larceny may be leveled through the opening of coinpurses that are dropped from most mobs. Opening coinpurses costs a number of labor points dependant on the level and rarity of the coinpurse. Opening coinpurses does not give you infamy points.

Higher levels of larceny reportedly give you less chance to leave behind evidence, such as footprints or bloodstains, when committing crimes, as well as increasing the quality of loot gained from coinpurses. [1] 

Short Video of Theft.

Tools and Supplies



ItemLevel DroppedLabor to Open
Farmer's Coinpurse 1 - 10 1
Priest's Coinpurse 11 - 24 2
Merchant's Coinpurse 20 - 31 3
Noble's Coinpurse 31 - 40 4
Jester's Coinpurse 40 - 55 5
Librarian's Coinpurse 51 - 55 15


This skill is centered on writing music. 

To begin composition, right click on a blank piece of Music Paper. It will open up the window for composing music. This window explains the method of using symbols and letters to write a song.

When you are finished, you can name the piece, and then begin saving it. The process consumes 100 Labor Points to complete. Your character will begin writing the song, with a "cast time" of about 2 seconds.

Every time you compose a song, you gain 100 proficiency points in Composition. Investing to higher proficiency ranks increases the limit for characters on your music paper, decreases the labor used to compose a song as well as the time. This also means that more and more songs will be required to increase the proficiency for each rank. The amounts are as follows:

ProficiencyCharacter LimitProficiency Gained Per Composition (LP used)
Amateur 200 100
Novice 400 90
Veteran 600 80
Expert 800 70
Master 1,000 60

The higher your proficiency, the more complex you can make a song when you write it.

Playing Music

To play a piece of music after it is finished, right click the finished piece inside your inventory. Your character will gain a "Memorization" buff. This will open a sub-ability bar with a play, pause, and stop icon.

Press play to begin playing the song you chose. You will use your equipped instrument, which will have a different sound depending.

  • Lutes sound like Guitars
  • Flutes sound like Flutes
  • Additional instruments are sold by the vocation vendor, such as a saxophone and banjo

Your character will play the song to the best of their ability. To play a song perfectly, you need a proficiency higher than the writer's. A Novice or maxed Amateur (100% but not upgraded to Novice) composer can play a song perfectly that is by an Amateur composer)

If you are the same proficiency level, you may occasionally play notes that are out of place, or not in the song. If you are below the writer's proficiency, you cannot play the song at all. (a Novice cannot memorize and play a song written by a Master composer)

Tools and Supplies


Composition does not necessarily have exact tools. Your main supplies needed, however, are Paper, Memory Ink, and Dawn Light Lake Essence. Using these, you can use the Printing skill to create Music Paper at a Printing Press.


Artistry Goods

ItemSkill LevelSourceReagentsLabor
Music Paper (2) 0 Artistry Workbench 10 Paper, 1 Dawn Lake Light Essence, 5 Memory Ink 5

Small Instruments

ItemSkill LevelSourceReagentsLabor
Harmonic Arpeggio Flute 0 Artistry Workbench 2 Silver Ingot, 5 Gold Ingot, 5 Starshard Ingot, 1 Opaque Polish 20
Harmonic Arpeggio Lute 0 Artistry Workbench 2 Fine Lumber, 3 Beautifully Colored Fabric, 5 Starshard Ingot, 1 Small Root Pigment, 1 Maple Hardwood 20


ItemSkill LevelSourceReagentsLabor
Sovereign's Piano 0 Artistry Workbench 1 Sovereign's Piano Design, 5 Fine Lumber 20
Self-Winding Phonograph 0 Artistry Workbench 1 Mechanical Spring, 1 Nuri Forest Lumber, 30 Starshard Ingot, 20 Topaz, 1 Spruce Hardwood 20
Scratchy Phonograph 0 Artistry Workbench 1 Mechanical Spring, 1 Nuri Forest Lumber, 30 Starshard Ingot, 20 Sapphire, 1 Spruce Hardwood 20
Multi-Instrument Phonograph 0 Artistry Workbench 1 Exquisite Diaphragm, 1 Nuri Forest Lumber, 30 Starshard Ingot, 20 Emerald, 1 Spruce Hardwood 20
Fanfare Phonograph 0 Artistry Workbench 1 Exquisite Diaphragm, 1 Nuri Forest Lumber, 30 Starshard Ingot, 20 Ruby, 1 Spruce Hardwood 20
Drumline Percussion Pack 0 Artistry Workbench 1 Exquisite Diaphragm, 1 Nuri Forest Lumber, 30 Starshard Ingot, 1 Wind Spirit Leather, 1 Spruce Hardwood 20
Liberty Drums 60000 Artistry Workbench 1 Liberty Drums Design, 2 Thunderstruck Tree, 5 Exquisite Diaphragm, 10 Archeum Log, 10 Fine Lumber, 10 Fine Leather 20


A gathering skill centered on fresh and saltwater fishing. 
There is an occasional chance that, upon fishing with bait worms, you can fish up the Kraken who will grant you one wish. The only wish that you will be able to choose will be "kiss on cheek".

Basic Fishing

Requirements for fishing

  1. Fishing pole
  2. Bait Worms (either crafted at a Farmer's Workbench, from harvesting farming bundles, or buying them on the Auction House)

Equipping a fishing pole will case the dynamic shortcut bar to appear containing your fishing abilities. Chum and Lures are not required for basic fishing.

Sport Fishing

Requirements for sport fishing

  1. Fishing pole
  2. Lure
  3. Chum

Fishing skill influences the damage you do in sport fishing. Allowing you to catch fish faster, and to catch bigger fish. Plus 2 damage bonus every 1000 fishing proficiency on top of the poles base damage. Big damage bonus for each fishing pole requiring higher proficiency.


How Sport Fish
  1. Find a schooling fish area
  2. Throw the correct chum into the school of fish
  3. Use your sport fishing skill in the school of fish
  4. Wait until a fish is on your line (You will hear the combat ding)
  5. Target the fish, and he will start having buffs. You have to match the skill to the one he is casting.
  6. Once the fish gets low enough, it will get executed.
  7. Swim out and collect the fish.


Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods
ItemFishing Req.DamageLabor CostSourceReagents (mouse over)
Wrapped Bamboo Fishing Rodicon.png Wrapped Bamboo Fishing Rod 0 Big Reel Inicon.png 235 Reel Inicon.png 60 100 Handicrafts Bamboo Fishing Pole x1 Sharp Fishing Hook x1 Basic Fishing Line x1 Wooden Reel x1
Wrapped Steel Fishing Rodicon.png Wrapped Steel Fishing Rod 10000 Big Reel Inicon.png 275 Reel Inicon.png 100 100 Handicrafts Steel Fishing Pole x1 Sharp Fishing Hook x1 Basic Fishing Line x1 Sturdy Steel Reel x1
Wrapped Springy Steel Fishing Rodicon.png Wrapped Springy Steel Fishing Rod 20000 Big Reel Inicon.png 436 Reel Inicon.png 141 100 Handicrafts Springy Steel Fishing Pole Frame x1 Crafted Fishing Hook x1 Reinforced Fishing Line x1 Sturdy Steel Reel x1
Wrapped Gilt Fishing Rodicon.png Wrapped Gilt Fishing Rod 30000 Big Reel Inicon.png 574 Reel Inicon.png 191 100 Handicrafts Gilt Fishing Pole Frame x1 Crafted Fishing Hook x1 Reinforced Fishing Line x1 Gilt Reel x1
Wrapped Archeum Fishing Rodicon.png Wrapped Archeum Fishing Rod 50000 Big Reel Inicon.png 768 Reel Inicon.png 270 100 Handicrafts Archeum Fishing Pole Frame x1 Crafted Fishing Hook x1 Reinforced Fishing Line x1 Gilt Reel x1



ItemUsed forLabor CostSourceReagents (mouse over)
Chumicon.png Chum Carp and Electric Eel 5 Cooking Bait Worm x3 Corn x3 Wheat x3
Chopped Squidicon.png Chopped Squid Arowana 10 Cooking Squid x10
Chopped Roosterfishicon.png Chopped Roosterfish Sturgeon 10 Cooking Roosterfish x10
Chopped Sardinesicon.png Chopped Sardines Bluefin Tuna 10 Cooking Sardines x10
Chopped Pikeicon.png Chopped Pike Sailfish 15 Regal Cooking Pike x10
Chopped Mackerelicon.png Chopped Mackerel Blue Marlin 15 Regal Cooking Mackerel x10



ItemUsed withLabor CostSourceReagents (mouse over)
Yellow Lureicon.pngx10 Yellow Lure Wrapped Bamboo Fishing Rodicon.png Bamboo Fishing Rod 10 Handicrafts Topaz x1Archeum Ingot x1
Green Lureicon.pngx10 Green Lure Wrapped Steel Fishing Rodicon.png Steel Fishing Rod 10 Handicrafts Emerald x1Archeum Ingot x1
Blue Lureicon.pngx10 Blue Lure Wrapped Gilt Fishing Rodicon.png Gilt Fishing Rod 10 Handicrafts Sapphire x1Archeum Ingot x1
Red Lureicon.pngx10 Red Lure Wrapped Archeum Fishing Rodicon.png Archeum Fishing Rod 10 Handicrafts Ruby x1Archeum Ingot x1


Fishing Proficiency Modifiers

Skill Buffincon.png Title: Discriminating Tastes +100 Fishing Proficiency. You can get these from the fishing quest line in Ezna harbor (west). Lute song harbor(east)
Treaded Wellingtonsicon.png Treaded Wellingtons (Leather boots) +500 Fishing Proficiency. You can get these from the fishing quest line in Ezna harbor (west). (east info needed)
Pink Kingfin Boatericon.png Pink, Yellow Kingfin Boatericon.png Yellow or Green Kingfin Boatericon.png Green Kingfin Boater (Cloth head) +1500 Fishing Proficiency. You can buy this for 25 Fisher King Coins (awarded from the fishing competition) from the Contest Coin Collector in mirage.
Mermaid Bathtubicon.png Mermaid Bathtub (furniture) +10000 Fishing Proficiency (2 hour buff). Consumes 1 Dahuta's Bubble potion. You can buy this for 180 Fisher King Coins (awarded from the fishing competition) from the Contest Coin Collector in mirage.