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Handicrafts is a crafting trade skill focused on making more delicate items such as musical instruments, fishing tools, and home decoration. 

Tools and Supplies


Handicraft Kiln


ItemMaterial CostLaborRequired Proficiency
Azalea Vase Stone Brick x3, Azalea x10 15 100
Bent Candlestick Iron Ingot x3, Congealed Oil x2 10 100
Cherry Blossom Vase Stone Brick x3, Cherry Branch x1 15 100
Decorative Vase Stone Brick x3, Mixed Seeds x1 15 100
Ebony Bonsai Flowerpot Stone Brick x3, Ebony Sapling x1 15 100
Fragrant Flowerpot Stone Brick x3, Mixed Seeds x1, Baby Bark x1 15 100
Heavy Sconse Iron Ingot x3, Congealed Oil x2 10 100
Lucky Azalea Vase Stone Brick x3, Soft Azalea Petal x1, Clover x10 15 100
Narcissus Flowerbed Stone Brick x3, Narcissus x10 15 100
Noble's everyday Painting Lumber x5, Small Leaf Dye x1 15 100
Octagonal Bamboo Bonsai Stone Brick x3, Bonsai Sapling x1 15 100
Pine Bonsai Stone Brick x3, Pine Sapling x1 15 100
Relaxing Painting Lumber x5, Small Leaf Dye x1 15 100
Square Bamboo Bonsai Stone Brick x3, Bamboo Sapling x1 15 100