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Logging is a cultivation skill based on growing and harvesting trees. 


Depending on the type of tree, you may have any combination for four possible actions.
Dig1.png Dig- The tree has not yet reached maturity. You can dig it up for a chance to recover a sapling.
Chop1.png Chop- The tree has reached maturity and may be chopped down for logs.
Pick1.png Pick- A fruit bearing tree has reached maturity. This allows harvesting of fruits.
Climb1.png Climb- Climb the tree! Available on many tall, straight trees. 


Main Article: List of Plants - Trees

Closely related to farming, within the logging skill players are able to grow trees on appropriate land and either harvest from them fruit and other items or chop them down for logs. Trees in ArcheAge take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to fully mature and can yield wildly different numbers of items depending on type.

Harvested logs are used to make lumber which is in turn used in building both ships and property; Lumber is also used in one of the main crafting quest lines to acquire a large farm plot, which makes lumber one of the most sought after crafting items in the game. It is highly recommended that players grow their trees on farmland but when that is not possible it is important to be present when your trees mature lest the wood be stolen.



ItemSkill LevelSourceReagentsLabor
Rubber Tree Woodlot 15000 Farmer's Workstation 5 x Rubber Tree Sapling, 3 x Shatigon's Blessing 7
Aspen Woodlot 30000 Farmer's Workstation 5 x Aspen Sapling, 10 x Shatigon's Blessing 20
Maple Woodlot 45000 Farmer's Workstation 5 x Maple Sapling, 20 x Shatigon's Blessing 40
Bamboo Woodlot 45000 Farmer's Workstation 5 x Bamboo Sapling, 20 x Shatigon's Blessing 40
Pine Woodlot 60000 Farmer's Workstation 3 x Pine Sapling, 40 x Shatigon's Blessing 80

Experia Saplings

ItemSkill LevelSourceReagentsLabor
Experia Pine Patch 0 Farmer's Workstation 25 x Pine Sapling, 12 x Blue Salt Hammer, 45 x Memory Ink 48