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ArcheAge Server Status

Team Speak 3

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Here you will find a list of Never Back Down members. They are listed based on the game they play, their rank, and their donation status. 


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ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.9: Patch Notes


* The drop rate of loot bags from monsters has significantly increased.
* The drop rate of Sunlight Archeum, Moonlight Archeum, and Starlight Archeum from loot bags has been greatly increased.
* The chance of equipment from loot bags has increased from monsters. These items can be salvaged to gain archeum.
* The Solid Shaft recipe is available again, allowing for the construction of fishing boats.

* The Auction House can now be searched using German and French.

* The Marketplace inventory has been reorganized in terms of Featured Items and categorization of consumables.
* The Character Slot Expansion scroll has been added. Accounts may have a maximum of six character slots per region but a limit of four character slots per server.
* The Workman's Compensation labor potion has been returned to 12-hour cooldown and price of 300 Credits.
* The Auction House License permitting non-Patrons to create Auction House listings has been added. It is not tradable.

* The priority server login queue for Patrons is now even faster.

* Cosmetic Costumes: A future build will remove the stats from all costumes that are obtained or crafted in-game, much like stats were removed from costumes on the Marketplace. Similar to the normalization of mount speeds, this change is to prevent power creep and stat inflation while also promoting costume choice and preventing "best" items to be wearing to maximize your character's gameplay.
* Improved Anti-Spam: XLGAMES is delivering a way for us to integrate our internally-developed anti-spam technology which learns over time and then kills spam and spammers before you see either even once. Expect more details on this to be announced next week.

* This patch is less than 200MB large from the Open Beta client (8.5GB large as a new installation) and is available for download now from Glyph. Note that Head Start begins September 12 at 10:00 AM PDT (GMT-7).



Q&A Sep 10th 2014


Well, this was unexpected. If something is wrong, tell me. It was very quick.

  • Trickster or Shadehunter? S: Sadly, during beta I didn't get to really test out builds and find out which I prefer, I was busy on social media getting everyone hyped, but I wish I did haha!
  • Will the labor and archeum changes make it in before headstart? S: Full transparency, the team was just in a long and great meeting with XL discussing these changes. I don't have anything to announce tonight but we'll definitely know more tomorrow.
  • Will archeum ever be a reward for high tier tradepacks? S: No, not really, we want to get it correct droprate and stuff so that won't even be necessary. Which also, we'll have more on this topic tomorrow. We are talking to XL about it and we're not just spinning wheels, we take it seriously and are bringing it up in our meeting tonight.
  • S: I actually plan on filming the opening of Auroria to see how the major battles are going to be taking place to fight for Auroria. I'm very excited.
  • Are all costumes going to be stat free or just cash shop costumes? S: To the very best of my knowledge, all costumes but I've seen costumes to the contrary that have stats. But definitely cash shop items costumes will not have stats.
  • Wings for costumes? S: Pretty cool idea, i'll ask about it.
  • What server are you playing on? S:I would say it but we have a filter that fuzzes it out if I say it, haha =(
  • 64 bit client? S: We don't have plans for it, I don't think it's on XL's radar.
  • Server transfer? S: We don't have it in place yet, we do have engineers who are making it a reality though.
  • Any plans for adding new servers? S: Our numbers show us doing fine with our current servers, we have no plans to add any new ones unless traffic demands it.
  • Regarding DX11, will that be fixed? S: I noticed a lot of folks have issues with DX11 but we've had a lot who haven't had issues. We're hoping to get more tech specs and find more fixes or workarounds. We're super super focused on launch, post launch we'll be chasing it down more frequently.
  • Minecraft bug? S: That's actually a memory leak, it's an annoying fix but fastest way is to just restart the client. As we have more reports, I can only imagine the client will approve over time.
  • Invert my mouse for headstart!! S: Inverted mouse, hotbar bugs, borderless window mode, and skill queues were our biggest issues. It's not that we aren't taking seriously it's just asking for patches that are so major will become post launch because they're worried about launch. Please a little more time, post launch!
  • Colorblind mode? S: With colorblind mode, I believe we have or had and it's not working 100%. (It's late and he's tired.) We need feedback for color blind mode and we need specifics.
  • Healing weapons for quest/craft/added at all? S: That was a request made during CB3 or CB4 when we had a lot more players running as healers. Adding it to quest rewards is something that will take a little more time then just adding individual recipes. It is an issue that we're bringing up with them for balance purposes.
  • Are you excited? S: I am excited, I haven't been sleeping much so I'm surprised I'm excited, but I am! The whole team went out with the XL Engineers last night and the first thing we talk about is what servers, what guilds, what class, etc. We are BEYOND excited.
  • Any plans to lock servers after early access if too many join the same server? S: We haven't needed to do that on any of our tests. I don't believe we plan on doing that, if we do, we will give AMPLE warning ahead of time. I really hope we don't need to.
  • Will there be faction limits at headstart? S: It can be adjusted if necessary but we haven't had it be necessary. Balance between east and west were pretty stable 50/50.
  • Any word on oceanic servers? No, we have a license to public in EU and NA, we don't have a license for oceanic.
  • Will founders get some sort of 'epic' sound track? S: Good question, but not sure. Someone probably already has it on YouTube though.
  • When will founders pack be unavailable for purchase? S: The plan is right at launch, might be a little delay, little before or a little after launch.
  • What up with the flutes, yo. Limited flutes from the marketplace and quests, what about adding more for sounds and stuff? S: Great question, didn't ever hear that before but it's a great question and I'm unsure what to say besides of that, I'd need to look.
  • In the other ArcheAge regions, there are IP blocks. Is that going to happen here? S: Nope, not going to happen, no IP blocks.
  • Are there plans to translate the ArcheAge novels to English? S: Not the first time I've heard that but we don't have the rights to do it.
  • APEX, more details? S: Each APEX will be 10$ and 1250 APEX, patron will be 15$ so you can spend two APEX and have 5$ left of credits leftover for whatever you want/saving.
  • West or East? S: Aesthetically, west. Rawness, east. First will? Toss-up ='(
  • How do you take the harsh feedback? S: When I started 7 years ago, I didn't take it well at all. I thought "Everyone hates me..." but after a long time you get a sense of the misdirected passion between players. CM is just an easy target and you have to learn when you're down in the "trenches" you can't take it personally.
  • Why were the level 40 gliders removed? S: Auroria is closed so you can't build it, blueprints were removed
  • Auroria release? S: Weeks, not months.
  • Does the small 2 tradepack farm wagon upgrade to a larger one? S: Unfortunately no.
  • Where do you envision ArcheAge in 5 years from now? How big do you see it? S: As an avid Eve fan, and a filthy casual, I'm looking forward to the complexity to inter-guild relations and the divide between East, West, and Pirates and how they friction together. I'm also looking towards the faction system. There's a real brilliant future to ArcheAge and we're at the beginning.
  • Go to sleep. S: No. Give me some more quick question. =P
  • S: I love that everyone is staying with me at 11, 12 and 1 all over the US talking with us, thank you very much.
  • Are you hiring? S: We're hiring CS agents and a few others. Check here. Bulking up CS department a lot, brought on a dozen or two dozen new reps.
  • Will popular streamers name be protected? S: If someone snatches your name or tries to sell you your name, hit us up at customer service and they will help you. If it's something basic and someone happens to claim it because it's a common name, sorry. =/
  • Does that apply to guilds? S:If it's not a troll then probably not, but if it's a shell or just to snag it to troll then probably.
  • Upgrading from Silver to Gold founders? S: It's not going to be possible for launch, sorry, just Silver to Archeum is possible.
  • Labor potions account bound? S: I wish that we could, it's just not possible. The tech for that isn't going to be available for launch. We are trying to revert the 4 hours and 150 credits to the 12 hour 300 credits ASAP though!
  • If I delete a sixth character and make a seventh, will I not get the founders perks? S: That's right, not going to be able to get your founders items on your seventh or higher.
  • Character deletion timer? S: 1-10 is 10 minutes, 11-30 is 24 hours, 31-50 is 7 days.
  • Will patron status tick down as soon as you login or at launch? S: When you login, BUT you get the 4 extra days of patron for the headstart. It won't apply on launch, but within the 30 days you'll get the 4 extra days.
  • When the game launches, is that a 48 hour shift? S: Well it's funny, most of the team is taking time to PLAY and rush land to get their location. For launch I've got a snuggy under my desk for little naps, haha. It's kind of a tradition to see the sunrise of your new game. Honestly, it wouldn't be the first time I've slept in the office. I've forgotten my apartment keys and car keys and I knew if I left the building I wouldn't be able to get back in. I cozied up on the break room couch and in the morning got my car keys and stuff settled =P
  • Custom chat channels. S: You know, I did see that one and I was surprised we didn't address it previously. I just want to clarify that you CAN create custom tabs in the game, but I think most of the time people are wondering about custom CHANNELS. I think it's a brilliant idea and I'd love to see it. I'd love to see some sort of radio for pirates, alerting people in the channel of possible pirates haha. Nothing is planned with this though.
  • S: Our launch comes 3 days BEFORE international talk like a pirate day. I hope we can do something for it, but I don't think there's enough time =(.
  • Guild functions, will we see guild functions or banks? S: I've seen a lot of questions about that and to be frank I was surprised it wasn't in already. It's a bit more dated but to be fair, the game was developed over 2 years ago. Improvements to the guild system is one of the post-launch improvements.
  • Enjoy goon squad? S: I'll be excited to see what you guys can do. All the crazy guilds I can think of, Old Man guild, etc. I thoroughly enjoy watching and enjoying content with a ton of guilds.
  • S: Yes, we're meeting with XL this evening, we had a GREAT phone call with them today and I don't have any announcement to give as of yet.

This was all he answered that I caught. I got on late, I'll watch the recap when it's up and post it correctly.

Please keep in mind, this was unofficial. Most of what was said is more for fun and the sake of him answering a few questions for a podcast. Also note this was completely unorganized compared to the livestream. That's not an insult, it's just extremely hard to dictate exactly what was said so please forgive me. 



Q&A Sep 5th 2014

  • Trion is in talks with XL Games to revert LP pots (Worker's Compensation) to old price and 12h cooldown.

  • Costumes sold on the Marketplace will be for looks only, stats removed

  • Trion has collected tons of data on Archeum drops; Database stats do not really match actual stats. Adjustments in droprates were not high enough.

  • The Archeum crate is NOT intended to be a main dropper for Archeum. It is meant as a bonus ON TOP of a reasonable droprate.

  • Droprates will be increased again in the future.

  • Reason behind mounts normalization:
    - in the Korean build, they saw that 'only' the best mount was useful for end-game; and that's not what they wanted.
    - Mounts are now more meant as a cosmetic thing; every mount-look will be a viable option. You can pick mount based on looks/skills only, don't have to worry about stats. (They want more mount variety)
    - Donkeys/cows have their own ''tier'' with lower speed; will remain the same as old.

  • Trion will be resetting servers to make sure they're all working and capable, making sure everyone gets their founder pack items, etc. Testing server individually to make sure there are no errors.

  • OB servers are the launch servers, "or at least the headstart servers" (Scapes: IF we add additional servers at launch it will be due to traffic needs)

  • No need to re-download entire game.

  • Everyone starts with 0 LP. 

  • Database will be 100% reset.

  • Fishing boat crafting item was wrongfully removed. They will be re-added again 'soon'.

  • Healing-item class rewards (clubs) are going to be added, but they have no time on that yet. Won't be before launch though.

  • As soon as game launches, founder packs will be removed. Starter packs will be added, including a few items and patron status that are designed to give people a nice and easy start.

  • Character slot expansions will be available from the start, for 1k credits per character slot. (4 per server max, 6 max in total PER continent; 6 for NA, 6 for EU.)

  • LP / loyalty tokens are NOT shared in EU / US servers; they are separate.

  • US 3 servers per AH, EU 2 server per AH.

  • Launch build is OB build; so it's already available for everyone. Any updates will be done as patches.

  • Patron pricing is identical to Rift. (15$/month)

  • F2P players CAN buy AH listing ability; can be obtained via cash shop or APEX.

  • Everyone can purchase from AH; you can unlock the ability to SELL for it via the AH-listing item.

  • AH listing item is NOT shared, you need to unlock it for every character.

  • APEX is a trade-able item that can be bought for real money, and be sold to other players in game. This APEX can then be exchanged for credits, cash points, to buy items from the cash shop.

  • APEX pricing is identical to Rift prices (10$)

  • 30 day patron pass requires 2 APEX. (2 x 10$; leaving you with 5$ to spend on other stuff)

  • Chat filters are being improved continuously; unwanted blocks will be less common.

  • Chat system kicks spammers etc

  • In-game system also checks for killrates etc. People that kill or do too much stuff or too long they will be put on a list. A human will review the list and kick/ban where needed/justified.

  • Your patron period starts the moment you log in (as a founder). This INCLUDES headstart.

  • Skill queue, windowed borderless mode, flagging, inverse mouse etc ARE brought up to XL, but not all are easy to implement. They will come (was hinted) but might take a while.

  • Servers will re-start bi-weekly to keep them stable/healthy. (restarts will be announced on forums and in-game)

  • If you report a bot, and it turns out to be a good report (it was a bot, he gets punished), you do not only get your labor back, but a bonus on top of it! (False reports = you don't get your labor back)

  • Market place will be available at the start of headstart, as will housing. 

  • There is no limit on how many houses you can own; taxes will increase exponentially after 3 PER ACCOUNT; not per character.

  • You can craft your own tax certificate, get it off the loyalty store, OR from the marketplace. (can also use APEX)

  • Character deletion cooldown: Info is posted on the forums. It scales from 10 minutes (lvl 1-10) to a full week (40+).

  • Additional security added to the Glyph client. (IP-check; location verification)

  • Founder perks will be send to your first 6 characters; a few will only go to your first (Daru chests; crest brainstorm), everything else to your first 6.

  • Contents inside of Daru's chests are tradeable, most other founder items are not.